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Corelife Eatery

Corelife Eatery

Corelife Eatery Menu

  • Green Bowls

Dark leafy greens, your bowls choice of veggies and scratch made dressings. Eating clean and green at its best.

Green Bowls
Corelife Eatery Food
  • Purple Rice Bowls

Warm organic whole grains are at the center of these nutrient dense bowls. Power up your day!

Purple Rice Bowls
  • Broth Bowls

Your favorite sides and flavors just became your new favorite bowl! Our specialty bowls are perfect for lunch or dinner and are packed with delicious nutrients and bold flavors

Broth Bowls
  • Broths and Soups

Meals in a bowl. We slow simmer our bone broths in store all day, every day.

broths and soups
  • Tacos

Every day is Taco Tuesday! Available at select locations


what is corelife eatery

complete meals greens, grains and bone broths.

who owns corelife eatery

Lawrence R. Wilson

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