India since its young age has been a hub for Education along with its cultural diversity. Education in India means the process of teaching, learning, and training human capital in schools and colleges.

This improves and increases knowledge and results in skill development hence enhancing the quality of the human capital. Our government has always valued the importance of education in India and this is reflected in our economic policies.

Indian Brain has always been admired around the Globe. Be it Medical, Engineering, Business, humanities, you spell any sector it is there where the contribution of Indian education is remarkable.

We feel proud to announce that you can join our Indian Institutes and avail our scholarship scheme by appearing for AIEESE (Primary). It is one of the most prestigious Engineering Entrance Examinations of the country after JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced).

The motive of this entrance examination is to assist the Engineering and Bioengineering aspirants to avail an opportunity of admission to our participating institutes with up to four years of tuition fee as Scholarship. The Engineering aspirants who qualify AIEESE (Primary) Scholarship Examination are eligible to get admission to more than tens of hundreds of engineering colleges in India on the basis of AIEESE (Primary) scorecard and through AIEESE Counseling.

Every admission through AIEESE (Primary) comes with at least a basic scholarship where candidates can avail of a chance to get a laptop or up to four years of tuition fees.

We are inviting you with an offer to select among 150+ courses (NBA accredited), more than 10+ Campus ( NAAC accredited) best of the best faculties from IIT & NIT, Quality Certified Lab & much more by appearing in AIEESE(Primary). We assure you, you would also feel proud of becoming a scholar from our Indian academic institutions.

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